Amorici Vineyard

“The grape stops here!”

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At Amorici Vineyard our philosophy of handcrafted natural wine making honors the holy blood of the perfect grape. We respect the grape and employ traditional wine-making procedures, resulting in a gracious collaboration with Mother Nature and a beautiful wine. We use sustainable agriculture and operate in an environmentally conscious manner. Amorici minimizes its carbon footprint leaving Mother Earth better for generations to follow. We produce natural wines without flavor or color enhancers. Amorici wines are sometimes blended to acquire a desired characteristic, and we use minimal sulfites to stabilize our wine and allow proper aging. Inquiries about our biodynamic commitments to growing grapes, making fine wine, and wine sales are always welcome.

Amorici Vineyard

Location: Amorici Vineyard

637 Colonel Burch Road, Valley Falls, NY 12185



Phone: 518-469-0680

Farmers’ Markets: 

  • Chestertown Farmers’ Market
    June – Sept 23, 2015: Wednesdays 10am – 2pm
  • Northville Village Farmers’ Market
    July – Sept, 2015: Fridays, 2pm – 5pm
  • Schenectady County NY Farm Bureau (Union Street) Farmers’ Market
    June- Oct, 2015: Saturdays 9am – 1:30pm
  • Speculator Farmers’ Market
    June – Sept 3, 2015: Thursdays 2pm – 5pm
  • Waterford Harbor Farmers’ Market
    June – Oct, 2015: Sundays 9am – 1pm

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