Touring The Upper Hudson Wine Trail

What better way to spend a spring day than touring the Upper Hudson Valley Wine Trail? Hoppy Trails Brew Bus, Premiere Transportation, and Cask & Kegs Tours drive wine lovers from winery to winery in style.

Hoppy Trails Brew Bus boasts a safe and educational experience. Explore local wineries while learning about what makes each special. Choose from preset tours or customize your own. Tours with Hoppy Trails include free samples, behind-the-scenes looks and an opportunity to meet the makers producing one-of-a-kind beverages.

Premiere Transportation‘s extensive fleet serves a variety of transportation needs from bachelor and bachelorette parties, an upscale limo cruise, a casual tour, or a night out on the town. Who wouldn’t love to spend one of these occasions being professionally chauffeured around the trail to sample wine and purchase your favorite bottles?

Casks and Kegs Tours offers an intimate ride through twists and turns, over hills and dales, as your group explores the many diverse vineyards and wineries on NYS’s Upper Hudson Wine Trail. Find the hidden gems of vineyards and wineries in the beautiful farmland and foothills of the Upper Hudson region and beyond.

As the craft beverage industry grows in upstate New York, it has never been easier to explore and plan a tour in the our region – New York State’s newest designated wine trail – the Upper Hudson Wine Trail.

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