National Mulled Wine Day Recipes

Since National Mulled Wine Day is coming up on March 3rd, we want to share a little bit of our knowledge of mulled wine with you, our favorites, and how you can make your own! If you’re someone that loves a little heat and spice with your wine then this is exactly what you’re looking for.

What is mulled wine? Mulled wine is wine that has been heated and spiced and usually made with spices, fruits, and occasionally honey. Some of the more popular mixes will combine cinnamon, nutmeg, citrus, vanilla, and more!

If this sounds like something you’re interested in then check our our favorites from the trail and some other wines that make a great base to make your own!

Oliva Vineyards – Pretty Filly Rosé

This delicious mulled rosé will complement more complex, heavy meals that you have at family gatherings. Pairs especially well with appetizers and pies.

Swedish Hill Winery – Swedish Hill Glogg

This spicy and aromatic red wine is made with an extract imported from Sweden which contains cinnamon, cloves, cardamon and ginger.

Maybe you’re the more adventurous type and want to try to make your own. Here’s our suggestions!

Adirondack Winery – Chardonnay

Adirondack Winery has a Citrus Mulled Chardonnay recipe you must try! Grab a bottle of their chardonnay and watch the video, follow the instructions, and enjoy!

Learn More

Amorici Vineyard – Marquette NOR

This newly developed cold weather varietal is a surefire choice with the right spices. Rich, bold, and prolific this fine Pinot style will go well with some spice!

Fossil Stone Vineyards – 2015 Marquette

This hybrid red wine grape harvested at peak is a perfect base to use due to it’s high sugar content and moderate acidity.

Galway Rock Winery – Falling Rock Red Blend

Galway Rock Winery’s Falling Rock Red Blend is a semi-sweet red blend crafted to be an easy drinking, food friendly wine.

Ledge Rock Hill Winery – Sacandaga Sunset

Pleasantly sweet and bursting with blackberry flavor this red wine serves as a great base for making your own mulled wine. So good even they use it to create their own!

Saratoga Winery – Hillbilly Mountain Mash

Saratoga’s Mountain Mash is a Melomel, made with fruit and honey. Simmer it with spices such as cinnamon sticks, nutmeg and clove to make a “Mulled Melomel”. It’s strong fruit flavor and aging in a Bourbon barrel, give this Mulled Melomel a “hot toddy” spin.

Thirsty Owl – Red Moon

Coming from Thirsty Owl we suggest trying their Red Moon as a base. This is a very rich red wine with a pleasant berry finish. Add in some cinnamon and assorted fruits for a sweet twist on a mulled wine!

Victory View Vineyard – 2014 Independence

Their Marquette Reserve is a deep garnet with aromas of plum and earthiness. This also features hints of pepper and spice making it a great starting point for your home made mulled wine recipe.

Don’t keep waiting! Get started making you own or try our selections. National Mulled Wine Day is only here once a year!

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