Wine & Trees Is Here!

The holiday season is officially here! Whether it’s finding the right tree, cozying up by the fire, or enjoying delicious food at family gatherings, we all have certain things that make the holiday so special to us. One thing that we know almost everyone does each holiday season, is buy a tree or wreath and enjoy a nice, relaxing glass of wine.

Just for this reason, we have once again teamed up with the Shawangunk Wine Trail and Christmas Tree Farmers Association of New York to bring you Wine & Trees!

In case you need anymore incentive to enjoy the holiday the right way, whenever you purchase a tree or wreath at a tree farm you can qualify to receive a free Christmas tree ornament. That is, if you head over to a participating winery afterwards for a tasting or to buy a bottle. Seeing as how many of you will need both a tree and some great wine for you family gatherings, this deal is a no brainer! All you have to do is go about your normal holiday routine!

In addition to receiving your free holiday ornament, you may even find you new favorite wine! You never know when something will jump out at you and grab your attention. That being said, let’s enjoy the finest New York wines while gathered around your real Christmas tree. Don’t wait though this deal is only for a limited time!

So grab some wine and a tree, and get and ornament for free!

We take pride in offering you nothing but the best from the Upper Hudson Valley region. Our hope is that you will continue supporting local wineries and farms so that we can help make your gatherings with family and friends special year after year. Most importantly we hope you find enjoyment this holiday season with family and friends.


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