10 Must Drink Wines This Thanksgiving

As one of our favorite times of the year is right around the corner, it’s time to think about how to give your friends and family a welcoming experience for Thanksgiving. We all know the staples, turkey and gravy, as well as other family recipes. What you may not have known is that picking the right wine based on your food will make a HUGE difference in the dining experience. We’re not simply talking about one wine for the whole day. In this blog we’re going to break down some wines to have with your dinner and dessert!


This is your chance to really show off for your family and friends. We’ll break down the best wines to snag before Thanksgiving and get the celebration started!

2013 Rebellion – Victory View Vineyard

Our first wine to drink with relatives and friends at Thanksgiving is a Marquette from Victory View Vineyard, their 2013 Rebellion. This locally grown French-American hybrid grape produces a light, fruity, and semi-sweet wine with notes of pepper and spice. This is the perfect wine to have at a gathering. It also complements almost any hors d’ oeuvres or party food.

2014 Pinot Noir – Thirsty Owl Saratoga

Head down to Saratoga for a wine pairing that will work with almost any flavor you’re serving up this Thanksgiving. Their 2014 Pinot Noir’s balanced acidity and generous fruit intensity pairs well with the many flavors of Thanksgiving.

2014 Merlot-Malbec – Galway Rock Vineyard & Winery

Galway Rock Vineyard & Winery offers a great pick to have a dinner in their 2014 Merlot-Malbec blend. It’s light body and hues of deep ruby are reminiscent of a fine Barolo. If you are a turkey and stuffing lover we suggest grabbing a glass of this and indulging!

Cabernet Franc – The Saratoga Winery

Another go to for dinner this Thanksgiving comes from The Saratoga Winery. Their Cabernet Franc features heavy tannins with complementary raspberry and cedar flavors. Aged in oak barrels this red should be drank next to a heaping pile of turkey and cranberry sauce.

Petit Sirah – Ledge Rock Hill Winery

We all know that one person who loves cranberry sauce. It may even be you. If so stop by Ledge Rock Hill Winery to grab a bottle of their Petite Sirah. Not only the cranberry sauce, but its burst of flavor, aroma, and tannins make it an excellent choice to go with stuffing!

Red Carriage – Adirondack Winery

Last but not least we have Adirondack Winery’s Red Carriage, a cranberry infused red. Perfect for any holiday celebration this semi-sweet wine offers note of fresh cranberries and a crisp, light body. Matching perfectly with a turkey or ham dinner, impress your guests this year with a bottle of Red Carriage. Buy this and more holiday wines here!


Reisling – Amorici Vineyard

Amorici Vineyard’s Reisling is a solid pick for anyone going for the first slice of pumpkin pie. It’s soft opening unfolding to a complex floral, citrus, and crisp acidity make it perfect to go with your dessert. Not only that but pumpkin pie is here for the whole season so grab a couple of these bottles!

2012 Cabernet Franc-Lemberger – Swedish Hill Winery

This blend from Swedish Hill Winery made of 60% Cabernet Franc and 40% Lemberger brings together 2 promising reds. Grab this with a slice of blueberry pie and enjoy! The richness and tannin structure of the Cabernet Franc combined with the berry fruits of the Lemberger make it a great dessert choice!

Morning Line Favorite – Oliva Vineyards

Apple Pie is a must have in the fall and especially at Thanksgiving. Olivia Vineyards Morning Line Favorite is an excellent choice to have with your slice due to it’s light golden hue with clean flavors of grapefruit and crisp finish.

2014 LaCrescent – Fossil Stone Vineyards

Another apple pie pairing favorite, which is also a northern varietal, comes from Fossil Stone Vineyards. Their 2014 LaCrescent exhibits flavors of stone fruits and slight tropical notes. Keep it local with a upstate New York hybrid that will have you asking for more with your dessert!

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