Wines To Drink This Fall

With the fall season now in full effect, many of you may be looking to get outside and explore. You might even be making some different meals using local harvest foods that pair perfectly with our wines. No matter the reason, Fall is one of the best times of year to get out to enjoy the Upper Hudson Valley scenery, relax with a glass of wine and bring home a bottle of local wine to serve with your autumn dishes.

Some of our favorite wines to drink this season are full-bodied whites and medium to full-bodied reds. Wines like these pair well with cooler weather and local harvest foods.

Our Go To Wines:

  • Cabernet Franc
  • Chardonnay
  • La Crescent
  • Marquette
  • Merlot
  • Pinot Noir

Cabernet Franc:

If you take a look at the fall season, the weather changes drastically from beginning to end. So what wine fits this better than most? Cabernet Franc. Rustic but soft and medium-bodied make it an extremely flexible pairing. With a fruit forward opening to an intense complex ending, Cab Franc pairs as well with red meats, such as grass-fed beef, as it does with meaty-type fishes like salmon. Whether you’re enjoying one last picnic or cozying up by the fire towards the end of autumn, Cabernet Franc will suit many of your wine needs.

Adirondack Winery – Autumn in the Park (Cabernet Franc)

Amorici Vineyard – Cabernet Franc

Saratoga Winery – Cabernet Franc

Swedish Hill Winery – 2012 Cabernet Franc

Oaked Chardonnay:

Why did this wine make the list? Oaked chardonnay pairs great with squash, zucchini, and more! Our reason for choosing an oaked chardonnay versus unoaked is because they are rich, full-bodied and often give flavors or vanilla and butter. It also will give off more citrus flavors than its unoaked counterparts. This all adds up to a great pairing with the foods in full harvest during this season.

Adirondack Winery – Adirondack Overlook (Barrel Aged Chardonnay)

Swedish Hill Winery – 2013 Reserve Chardonnay

Thirsty Owl – 2014 Chardonnay

La Crescent:

La Crescent is a locally grown grape that makes a fantastic white wine. A dry La Crescent wine pairs well with local farms’ harvest – a cornucopia of fresh and delicious squashes, zucchini, and root vegetables like carrots, beets, parsnips, potatoes – that are ingredients in savory soups and comfort foods. Try this wine with local artisanal cheeses, roasted root vegetables and free-range chicken or turkey for a satisfying autumn meal.

Fossil Stone Vineyards – 2014 LaCrescent

Victory View Vineyard – Charlotte (LaCrescent)


As temperatures begin to drop add heat to your fall dishes. A full-bodied marquette pairs well with spicy foods. This wine, crafted from French-American hybrid grapes grown locally in the Upper Hudson Valley, stands up well to Italian pasta dishes, a seasoned steak, spicy chili and stews made with local meats and vegetables. What’s better than a hearty meal and a glass of red wine crafted with local cold-hardy grapes!

Amorici Vineyard – Marquette NOR

Fossil Stone Vineyards – 2014 Marquette

Ledge Rock Hill Winery – 2013 Marquette

Victory View Vineyard – 2014 Revolution (Marquette)

Victory View Vineyard – 2014 Turning Point (Marquette)


As pears are reaching their peak ripeness, now is the perfect time to switch things up. We’re talking about a poached pears recipe using a medium-bodied Merlot. Start with a few pears and Merlot, then add some sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla beans. This may be a more intensive recipe than some others, but it will be just as satisfying for your taste buds, if not more!

Adirondack Winery – Lake George Fireworks (Merlot)

Galway Rock Winery – 2014 Merlot-Malbec

Ledge Rock Hill Winery – 2012 Merlot (SOLD OUT – STAY TUNED)

Pinot Noir:

Anything apple cider flavored seems to be a favorite this time of year. That’s why we’ve chosen Pinot Noir as a wine to indulge in this season. Among our must tries is an autumn sangria using this wine. Start with your wine base, add in seasonal and local fruits like apples and pears, and top it off with some cinnamon sticks to give it a small kick! Don’t forget to add a small amount of apple cider if you really want to bring out the apple flavor.

Adirondack Winery – Ausable Chasm Waterfall (Pinot Noir)

Saratoga Winery – Pinot Noir

Sound appealing? Our member wineries have a diverse selection of wines for pleasing pairings with autumn dishes. Explore our wine trail and you never know, you might just find your new favorite wine, or a perfect wine pairing for your favorite fall dish. Explore the Upper Hudson Valley – the finest region for local wine and local food.

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