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What better way to spend a warm summer afternoon than touring the Upper Hudson Valley Wine Trail? With our affiliate members, Hoppy Trails Brew Bus and Premiere Transportation you can! Let them safely bring you from winery to winery.

Before you schedule a tour with our affiliate members you probably want to learn a little more about them. Rather than have to search for yourself we’ve provided all the info you need right here!

HoppyTrails_LOGOAs the craft beverage industry has rapidly grown in upstate New York, Hoppy Trails Brew Bus has offered a one of a kind, safe and educational experience. Don’t worry if you’re not a beer lover, Hoppy Trails does in fact offer tours for wineries. Explore the UHVWT wineries as well as other local craft beverage producers while learning about what makes each special. Tours with Hoppy Trails include free samples, behind the scenes looks, and meet the makers producing one of a kind beverages. You can also choose from pre-set tours or customize your own. If you’re looking for a fun educational experience look no further than Hoppy Trails!


Premiere_LOGOPremiere Transportation, serves a variety of transportation needs from bachelor/bachelorette parties to a night out on the town. Who wouldn’t love to spend one of these occasions driving around drinking wine all day? An extensive fleet of vehicles that can suit any need makes it all the more easy to plan a tour with a safe ride throughout the region. Whether you’re looking for an upscale cruise around in a limo or a casual tour experience, Premiere has just the vehicle for you. Let Premiere Transportation drive you throughout the trail so you don’t have to worry about drinking and driving!

In addition to touring our members, UHVWT has multiple events and festivals that our members put together and also participate in. Ensure you get there and back safely by using our affiliate members. Interested in learning more about events they can bring you to? Check out our events calendar and be sure to follow us on social media for the latest updates!


With members located all throughout the Capital and Southern Adirondack regions, it has never been easier to tour multiple wineries in a day. If you or someone you know are interested in planning a day trip to our wineries, contact Hoppy Trail Brew Bus and Premiere Transportation today! They’ll be sure to safely give you the day trip you’re looking for so you can experience the trail like you’ve never seen before!

Hoppy Trails Brew Bus

Phone: (518) 361-3087


Premiere Transportation

Phone: (518) 459-6123


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