National BBQ Month Wine & Food Pairings

wine and food pairings

May is in full swing and summer is on the way. That means it’s time to get outside and barbecue! Not to mention May is National BBQ month. The combination of perfect weather, longer days, and properly selected wine (from the Upper Hudson Wine Trail of course) will ensure that your barbecue is one your friends will love!

So what food are you in the mood for at your barbecue? From poultry and fish, to burgers and steak, check out some wine and food pairings from the Upper Hudson Valley Wine Trail members!

Adirondack Winery – Meritage:

This award winning wine produced by Adirondack Winery is a medium-bodied dry red with intense oak and vanilla aromas. Giving you tastes of dark cherry, red berries, and spice this red pairs great with a mushroom and onion chargrilled burger. Add in some barbecue seasoning, gruyere cheese, and dive in!

Victory View Vineyard – 2014 Charlotte la crescent:

Victory View Vineyard’s 2014 Charlotte is a dry, Germanic style wine crafted from ‘estate’ grown la crescent grapes. Harvested at peak ripeness, Charlotte is a well-balanced white wine and it pairs nicely with grilled poultry and many cheese. Maybe you can try a grilled chicken and cheese sandwich with a light chipotle seasoning!

Galway Rock Winery – Chardonnay-Riesling:

This blend of 90% unoaked Chardonnay and 10% Riesling is a light-bodied dry wine with a refreshingly-crisp acidity. Enjoy flavors of green apple and green pear complemented by hints of minerality. Experiment with something like a grilled salmon recipe served over a bed of arugula, tomato, mushrooms, and avocado lightly dressed with balsamic.

Amorici Vineyard – Cabernet Franc:

Made from Finger Lakes grapes enhanced with estate-grown Marquette, this dry red oak-barrel-aged wine will give you flowery, fruit-forward, tart cherry, black currant tastes with herbal undertones. Cabernet Francs and Sauvignons will pair great with a Porterhouse steak. Add in some thyme butter along with carrots or asparagus for a delicious, rich meal.

Fossil Stone Vineyards – Vintage 2014 Marquette:

The marquette wine grape, a descendant of Pinot Noir, is a hybrid red wine grape harvested at peak with a high sugar content and moderate acidity. Preparing some filet mignon at your next barbecue? Grab a bottle of marquette, and season a filet mignon with Italian-like dressing and steak sauce. Top it off with some greens and dig in!

Johnston’s Winery – Pinot Noir:

This savory Pinot Noir with hints of Elderberry notes pairs well with pork and game birds. Try a grilled pork tenderloin and top it off with garlic and herbs. Not experienced with grilling something like this? Don’t worry, Pinot Noir is well suited to pair with a variety of foods due to its bright acidity, complexity, and rich character.

Thirsty Owl – 2011 Syrah:

Warm and smooth, with notes of blackberry and peppery spice, and a full mouth-feel throughout. Barbecued foods with a smokey char will match perfectly along with lamb, venison, and game birds. Grill up some lamb thinly slice it, throw it in some flatbread, and top it off with some filled yogurt and cucumbers.

Ledge Rock Hill Winery – Malbec:

Featuring flavor notes of plum, blackberry and pepper, with earth and chocolate undertones this Malbec will go great with red meats. Looking for something specific? Try out an open faced grilled steak sandwich at your next barbecue. Top it off with peppers, onions, and your favorite steak sauce. This is sure to be a hit at your next get together!

Oliva Vineyards – Post Time Peach:

This light sweet wine has the fragrance of an orchard with a smooth fruity peach flavor. Post Time Peach is perfect for a casual barbecue, picnic, or just relaxing on a sunny day. With this perfect summer accompaniment to pulled pork, barbecue chicken, salads and spicy foods, celebrate summer with a glass of Post Time Peach.

Swedish Hill Winery – 2013 Doyle Vineyard Gewürztraminer:

This Gewürztraminer is full bodied and offers a creamy, toasty character and subtle floral, rose petal and spice nuances. When pairing this wine with food think of something exotic. This wine will pair well with a variety of bbq choices such as duck, chicken, pork, and bacon. Top if off with nuts and dried fruits to really bring out the floral and spice accents.

Saratoga Winery – Cabernet Sauvignon:

Cherry aromas, sweet smoke and spice, and black fruit transitions all add up to a smooth finish when drinking this wine. Pairing well with most beef dishes, try making a short rib dish braised in this Cabernet. Don’t forget to top it off with some veggies to balance out your meal!

There you have it! Get outside, start barbecuing, and enjoy your wine! Experiment with some of these tips in your free time. Who knows, you might have a new favorite wine after trying out some new pairings. Don’t forget to stop by our member’s wineries to try some of the region’s finest wines, and with some tips from above, create the perfect combination of wine and food at your next get together!

wine and food pairings


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